Creating a space where you can be free to embrace who you really are and receive support from people that truly care

No one is on an island alone. Somedays, when you wake up It may feel that way but it’s simply not true. We all have demons that we are battling and some battles are more intense than others. I am listening was created out of a need for people to be heard. Have you ever sat down to have coffee with someone that asks “how are you” and you know damn well that they aren’t listening when you answer?

I am listening started as a blog site with five friends. It is a secure conversational space dedicated to giving an outlet to thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Things can be shared here that no one may accidentally find, read, or place judgement upon once put down. Our goal is to provide everyone with a non-judgmental outlet, and a space to go to find resources for a multitude of different needs. We are a family. We are brothers and sisters in this life. We are love. We are one and the way forward every day is together. We are hear to listen.

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Imagine for a minute that you are surrounded by support

Support to help you, regardless of how bad things may seem in your world.  A secure space to discuss anything on your mind a receive love and compassion back.

Why we are different

Our vision with this site is to create a space where we can be real. Completely real and true without judgment or bias. Where we talk about real life things and get things off of our minds that might be clouding our judgment and lives. We want to be an outlet where we can share the good, and the bad, in an environment with a heart.  If you want a therapist, this is not the place for you, but if you want someone to listen, we are. We hope that you will join our private group where we can grow and learn and talk to one another.  Please remember, this is a judgment-free zone. We will be watching, and remember let’s keep it positive and uplifting. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you!!

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