There are many beautiful and unique people in this world. Each one with a different soul, skin tone, voice, heart. We are all different. Not one of us is the exact same. Even twins have minute differences. We are all the only one of us in existence. Current events would lead us to believe that perhaps the world is ending. The hatred and violence that is carried on the air waves and through social media is stifling. It makes me wonder if anyone has even conceived that what we are seeing with rioting, looting, destruction and hatred for persons of a certain profession is at it’s heart, nothing except fear? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some that are just out to wreak havoc for the joy of creating it, but at the heart of this entire thing seems to be a fear. Fear of government, authority, oppression, retaliation, enslavement, judgement, and even death.

One person with a voice can be heard.

“I can’t breathe.” has been heard around the world. My question is: When does that one voice get drowned out by the actions of many in violent acts? It seems to me that we have lost that voice. It has become as subtle as the scent of a rose wafting through the air, only to be caught occasionally when we focus very clearly for it. My challenge for myself is to follow it. Follow that voice. Follow that nuanced plea that we listen to each other and act accordingly. Create change with our voices out of love and respect. Not hate and disparity. Acknowledge and grow as individuals and as the human race in a place of acceptance, and seeing each other through the eyes of children with honesty, and no judgement. If we can learn to accept and embrace our differences, how much more would we grow to a place where we as a society could hear clearly such words and reach out hands to help end the violence, oppression, and hatred?

These may be only the thoughts of one person seeing the world through “rose colored glasses” and not seated in reality. I do however believe we are all infinitely capable of choosing love over hate, of choosing to stand for wrong instead of standing on the sidelines recording it, of listening instead of screaming. We don’t need a government or authority to lead us in to loving one another. We need each of us as a person to choose to love, to accept, to stop carrying judgment, and hate.

Choose your burdens more wisely darlings.

I choose love.

I am the heart of "Listening". I live on a farm in Pennsylvania and look forward to sharing with you all of the shenanigans we get in to around here!