Wow. That kind of sounds like someone writing in to an advice column…

But, seriously… I am very ready for fall. Cooler temps mean I can break out my comfy sweaters and my new Doc Martens… Maybe have a bonfire or two… Catch some beautiful fall foliage… Drink some warm, spiked apple cider… Oh, and HALLOWEEN! 🎃

I have to say though, that I am kind of worried that we might not get much of an autumn this year. Here it is, October 3, and it was almost 90…huh? But, get ready for the weekend…. Highs in the 60s. Um, what?

But, I am very hopeful that I will get to enjoy some fall festivities this year before Old Man Winter bears his frosty face. What are some of your favorite things about autumn? Maybe you dig haunted houses or hayrides or visiting local pumpkin patches… Or none of these things at all! I’m curious to hear what you all have to say 🙂

Just an average thirtysomething who loves to read, paint and travel! I try to do as much as I can for as little as I can... You would be surprised what lies not far from our doorsteps! I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventures as much as I will enjoy sharing them with you 🙂