I really can’t put into words how I’ve felt over  the past few weeks. I’ve struggled with every emotion possible, and all on my own, because I have my family that needs me. Of course I have friends and family to lean on but they  also have their own baggage, they don’t need my baggage on top of that. I’m  to the point now where my body is telling me its time to shut down and reset. We have been running non-stop the entire summer that I totally forgot to take my own advice on self care. Last night, my beat friend met me at my old high school and took my boys to their first football game. I needed it. I was miserable, as I had said my body was telling me to reset, and I was covered in stress induced hives. But I  wanted my boys to experience what it felt like to be under the lights cheering and being happy with the camaraderie of a community coming together. Last night I cried as every emotion came crashing down. The circumstances that brought me back home were the worst of the worst. I hate that it came to me they way it did. But to see my boys in their blue t-shirts cheering on my alma mater was the best therapy I think there ever was. I needed to go back home, to the place I was most happy, being under those lights, watching and listening to the cheers, the band, the whistles of the referees. I feel so much better this morning. I still have those blasted hives, but I believe I’m in a better  place.

Hello! my name is Leah (the “ah” is silent!) I’m a midwestern working mother of two handsome little boys, that has a knack for seeing the good in all aspects of life, I look forward to sharing with you!