A new week. New acquaintances made. New experiences had. New memories made. New additions to my fur-family. It was a busy week and I am planning a get away for next weekend. All in all, it’s been peaceful. No explosions of anger this weekend so that helped a great deal. I didn’t have to hide from anything and actually enjoyed a peaceful soak in my swimming tub on Saturday. I’d forgotten how peaceful it could be. I’m in a good space today and if you knew me, you would know those have been few and far between in the last while. So today, I am grateful. Grateful for new friends, for this heart that I carry for all to see and for my ability to sense when someone needs just even a moment of my time. This life can still be magical.

I am the heart of "Listening". I live on a farm in Pennsylvania and look forward to sharing with you all of the shenanigans we get in to around here!