For the last month, that’s what I have been doing. Meeting new people. Listening. Forming bonds. I have said it before but I will say it again. I am here, and I am listening. I may not have answers, or be a “therapist” but if you need an ear I am here. I am finding new resources all the time and if I don’t have an answer, I will find someone who does. I encourage you, if you are struggling, reach out. There are many communities that want to share the load and ease the burdens we all face. There are resources. There are people. You are not alone. You matter. You are loved.

I leave you with that on this Veteran’s Day. Much love my darlings. Carry on!

I am the heart of "Listening". I live on a farm in Pennsylvania and look forward to sharing with you all of the shenanigans we get in to around here!