Another turn around the sun. I started 2019 with a zeal to make my mark. To do something to help others and make a dent in the anger and sadness in this world. 365 days later, I seem to have lost that fire. In my attempts give people a place of love and understanding I have found that people don’t want that. I have been lied to and abandoned by a few, and lost some to deaths clutches without any resolutions to old hurts. It has been a year of lessons. Of closing off my heart. Of trying to find peace in forgiveness and of trying to mend what is broken. I guess I am the eternal optimist that some day the world will see that only love and acceptance will heal. I have tried to be that person. Even to my own detriment at times. I wish you all love, peace, and happiness in the coming year. I don’t know if this page will still be here, but you will all be in my heart and on my mind.

Much love,


I am the heart of "Listening". I live on a farm in Pennsylvania and look forward to sharing with you all of the shenanigans we get in to around here!