Today is the day we thought about yesterday

Yesterday when I went to sleep, I had done something I had never done before. I lifted weight on a bench. A bench press. Chicken little, skinny armed, me did 3 reps of 10 at 45 pounds and let me tell you friends; that shit was hard! That was session 6 with my trainer and I am struggling. Not going to lie. It’s painful!

After session four, I couldn’t walk down the stairs, (Leg day is not my friend) I had to do my best oozing sloth imitation to get around the house. I’m priding myself on doing it though. This journey I am told will get easier after the first month. Lord help a sister get through this month!

Session five was all about core and the dreaded stepper. I can surely tell that I smoked for 20 years. Learning to regulate my breathing through the wheezing is almost funny. And we must have music through these workouts because I would much rather listen to Whitney and Lady Gaga than my own desperate attempts to get enough oxygen. Today, my arms hurt, my shoulders, my neck and back, and my fingers. Why do my fingers hurt? I digress. The point is that I’m excited! In pain, thankful for my hot soaking tub, and moving forward! As the sun sets tonight I wonder what you will have done today and wish you all to keep moving one step forward in whatever your endeavors may be.

It’s not all sunshine and roses but it’s damn sure going to be what we make it.

Carry on darlings!


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